Anger Management: Understanding Anger



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Anger is a universal experience. Managing anger productively is something that few individuals, organizations, and societies do well, even though its an important component of being successful. This course will give you some ways to manage your anger as well as angry people.

This course will help you identify how anger is affecting you. You will also learn about the anger process, trigger thoughts, behavior types, and coping strategies.

This course is offered in two ways – please choose your “Delivery Method”:
1. Virtual Live Instructor-Led training (VILT) one day in duration, courseware will be provided digitally at the beginning of class
2. Online Self-Paced with 24×7 access for 30 days after purchase
Certificate of Completion provided for either delivery method.
Delivery Method

Online Self-Study, Virtual Instructor-Led

VILT Dates

4/9/2018, N/A

About the Instructor

Cara Lane is a top-notch trainer and inspiring motivational speaker who has traveled around the world delivering keynote addresses, corporate training, relationship seminars and women’s events and retreats. You will be amazed by her enthusiasm for teaching the fundamentals of a passionate life.

Her fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impactful stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after speakers in the world. She will keep you enthralled with her vibrant messages on life delivered with high energy. Cara holds a B.A. in Education, is a proud wife and mom, a faithful friend, a woman of faith, but most of all, an encourager and motivator of the heart.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how anger affects your body, mind and behavior.
  • Use the five-step method to break old patterns and replace them with a model for assertive anger
  • Use an anger log to identify hot buttons and triggers
  • Control emotions when faced with other peoples’ anger
  • Identify ways to help other people safely manage some of their repressed or expressed anger
  • Communicate with others in a constructive, assertive manner.


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