Creative Writing Workshop


Creative Writing Workshop with Suzanne Lavoie

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Writing—what does this mean to you? Do you think of old classics like the Shakespearean tragedies or a contemporary novel by Danielle Steel? The awesome news is anyone has the gift to be a writer—you just have to be willing to dig down deep inside and discover that hidden gem of creativity that lies within you. During this half-day Instructor-Led online workshop, participants will introduced to the discovery process, as well as creative writing methods and tips to find that gem hidden within you. You will also apply discussion topics via assignments and work in groups throughout the class. This interactive creative writing webinar is hosted by International Bestselling Author Suzanne Lavoie.

Webinar Topics

  • What does being a writer mean to you?
  • Discussion of favorite authors/books during childhood
  • Discussion of most influential person in your life and why
  • Examples of writing throughout your daily lives
  • Types of authors and how to examine your life experiences to come up with your genre
  • Discussion of how writing can be applied through various industries
  • The path of an author and what is involved
  • Invitation for projects

About Suzanne

Suzanne LaVoie Sammon has a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in International and Community Development from Monmouth University.  She has also served in the fields of hospitality, retail/customer service, education, and marketing, including positions of management and training.  Additionally, Suzanne has volunteered with the American Red Cross, her local church, and community.

Suzanne has been a contributing chapter author, as well as a guest blogger for The Missing Piece Magazine, Authors Unite, and Global Sisterhood of Empowerment. She was recently interviewed on BoldRadio Station by her publisher Heather Andrews.  Suzanne loves to travel, but has a special passion for Lake George and the Adirondack region in upstate New York, which is the inspiration and setting for her debut book, Knight Shift, and future books in this series.


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