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Recent studies say that over 65% of us are “visual learners”. Tableau allows any user to quickly, and easily, take any data and visualize the insights buried in that data. One secret to business success is getting to insights, faster. Tableau® helps you get there.

Join our Tableau practitioners live on line to learn how to use Tableau to unlock the insights hidden in your data. This level one course covers basic functionality such as connecting to data sources, importing data, creating views and visualizations. We will cover functionality such as managing, sorting, filtering, and grouping data, as well as sharing our work.

This course is designed for professionals in a variety of job roles who are currently using desktop or web-based data-management tools to perform numerical or general data analysis. This includes capturing and reporting on data to peers, executives, and clients.

This course is also designed to help students who plan to obtain Tableau® Desktop Qualified Associate certification, which requires candidates to pass the Desktop Qualified Associate exam.

Study Options

Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT), Self-Study

VILT Dates

Nov 1-2, Dec 5-6, Jan 9-10, Mar 6-7, N/A

Course Objectives

Participants will gain the following skills from this course:
  • Identify and configure basic functions of Tableau
  • Connect to data sources, import data into Tableau, and save Tableau files
  • Create views and customize data in visualizations
  • Manage, sort, and group data
  • Save and share data sources and workbooks
  • Filter data in views
  • Customize visualizations with annotations, highlights, and advanced features
  • Create maps, dashboards, and stories


Participants should have Tableau Desktop installed prior to attempting this course. A trail version can be downloaded and installed at:

To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience managing data with Microsoft® Excel® or Google Sheets™.



Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Tableau Fundamentals
Topic A: Overview of Tableau
Topic B: Navigate the Tableau Interface and Configure Settings

Lesson 2: Connecting to and Preparing Data
Topic A: Connect to Data
Topic B: Prepare Data for Analysis
Topic C: Save Workbook Files

Lesson 3: Exploring Data
Topic A: Create a View
Topic B: Customize Data in Visualizations

Lesson 4: Managing, Sorting, and Grouping Data
Topic A: Adjust Fields
Topic B: Sort Data
Topic C: Group Data

Lesson 5: Saving and Sharing Data
Topic A: Save and Publish Data Sources
Topic B: Share Workbooks for Collaboration

Lesson 6: Filtering Data
Topic A: Configure Worksheet Filters
Topic B: Apply Advanced Filter Options
Topic C: Create Interactive Filters

Lesson 7: Customizing Visualizations
Topic A: Format and Annotate Views
Topic B: Highlight Data
Topic C: Create Advanced Visualizations

Lesson 8: Creating Maps, Dashboards, and Stories
Topic A: Create Maps
Topic B: Create Dashboards
Topic C: Create Stories

Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to the Tableau® Desktop Qualified Associate Certification Objectives



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