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Recent studies say that over 65% of us are “visual learners”. Tableau allows any user to quickly, and easily, take any data and visualize the insights buried in that data. One secret to business success is getting to insights, faster. Tableau® helps you get there.

This Level 2 course builds on the first one by furthering our Tableau skills in the areas of joining data, working with calculations, sets and parameters, implementing statistical analysis and forecasting as well as enriching our visualizations with dashboards and maps.

This course is also designed to help students who plan to obtain Tableau® Desktop Qualified Associate certification, which requires candidates to pass the Desktop Qualified Associate exam.

This course is only offered online with Live Instructors from 8am – 4pm daily.

VILT Dates

Dec 12-13, Feb 13-14, Apr 10-11

Course Objectives

Participants will gain the following skills from this course:
  • Blend data to visualize relationships
  • Join data
  • Access data in PDFs
  • Refine visualizations with sets and parameters
  • Manipulate data with calculations
  • Visualize data with advanced calculations
  • Perform statistical analysis and forecasting
  • Enrich visualizations, dashboards, and maps


Participants should have Tableau Desktop installed prior to attempting this course. A trail version can be downloaded and installed at:

To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience using Tableau for a minimum of three months, or have taken the Level 1 course, as well as have experience managing data with Microsoft® Excel® or Google Sheets™.



Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Blending Data to Visualize Relationships
Topic A: Blend Data
Topic B: Troubleshoot and Refine Data Blends

Lesson 2: Joining Data
Topic A: Create Joins
Topic B: Troubleshoot Joins
Topic C: Union Data

Lesson 3: Accessing Data in PDFs
Topic A: Connect to PDFs
Topic B: Clean and Organize PDF Data

Lesson 4: Refining Visualizations with Sets and Parameters
Topic A: Create Sets
Topic B: Analyze Data with Sets
Topic C: Apply Parameters to Data to Refine Visualizations

Lesson 5: Manipulating Data with Calculations
Topic A: Create Calculated Fields
Topic B: Manipulate Data with Functions
Topic C: Analyze Data with Table Calculations

Lesson 6: Visualizing Data with Advanced Calculations
Topic A: Create Groups and Bins with Calculations
Topic B: Analyze Data with LOD Expressions

Lesson 7: Performing Statistical Analysis and Forecasting
Topic A: Perform Statistical Analysis
Topic B: Forecast Data Trends

Lesson 8: Enriching Visualizations, Dashboards, and Maps
Topic A: Customize Mapped Data
Topic B: Enhance Visualizations with Tooltips
Topic C: Enhance Dashboards with Actions

Appendix A: Multidimensional Data Sources

Appendix B: Mapping Course Content to the Tableau® Desktop Qualified Associate Certification Objectives


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