Working with the Media: Creating a Positive Working Relationship



Online Self-study option
Course Length Approximately 8 – 10 hours


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You may have been interviewed by a member of the media, or maybe some day you will be. You can never be sure when circumstances will conspire to have a reporter standing in front of you with a microphone, or on the other end of a phone line, waiting for an answer.

This course is going to help you develop the skills to deliver a smooth interview as either a citizen or a professional spokesperson. You are also going to learn about vehicles for conveying ideas such as press releases and media packages. You are also going to consider the types of relationships that you can develop with the media.

Its always good to have a professional, positive relationship with the media, and this course will set you up for success.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare for an interview
  • Be interviewed successfully
  • Craft a media statement
  • Develop and issue a press release
  • Understand libel and slander
  • Develop a media package
  • Understand various media outlets
  • Build relationships with the media


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